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Note for Windows 10 users In the unlikely case that you run into installation issues or StudioTax fails to save your return, the most likely root cause is the Windows 10 Controlled folder access. In that case you can find the solution at this Microsoft support link.

StudioTax 2019 for Windows Download StudioTax 2019

StudioTax for the Mac can be downloaded from the Mac download page

Note that you do not need to uninstall StudioTax 2018 or previous StudioTax versions. All StudioTax versions can be installed at the same time.

StudioTax is compatible with the following Windows versions: 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

All Downloads

Click to view a video tutorial on downloading and installing StudioTax.

Studiotax is published using 2 file formats: The .EXE file is the program that installs StudioTax on your computer. The .ZIP file is an archive of the same .EXE program. You only need to download one of the files.

The following table contains all the available StudioTax versions. Each version is identified by the tax year it supports. We do not have any version prior to tax year 2004.

Tax Year
Latest Year
MD5: f1358f50c3fd1423e1a694d3780f0521
MD5: 7856c69618fdf04fcc7be36b689eaf8e
MD5: 792436ce14c65ef719476bc686483a30
MD5: d746eb8af321e623c5a4a012463a68d3
MD5: 031c9ae926c738b2d26bd924f0175dbb
MD5: c1b39ed99246a8adf4bae4bf3fbb4861
MD5: 713ee7d20be12f6b69426b44e8cdafdd
MD5: 49d6f89a973c9eb37896f9593c18f065
MD5: f54b22dab3f5754e61f119d418f288ce
MD5: efb5b13cb25624a0f1021810063eb959
MD5: ce84b279db4805e16b6a5e024bf16ac3
MD5: c06ea2103778d4bd8929821163f75e68
MD5: c23b767cc926ab3532449012657181da
MD5: b8010c19f98fd5a5fdc285b4a5014b4e
MD5: 4a68a97e2602d9e00ea2b2ce7785c677
MD5: 2789ebf5882d03b3cc2ffd50032b74aa

Getting Started (Installation)

StudioTax is built on Microsoft .Net framework. StudioTax installer will attempt to download and install the required .Net 2.0 SP2 or .Net 4.5(StudioTax 2013 and later versions) if it's not already available on your computer.

Follow these steps to download and install StudioTax:

  1. Download the exe file for the required tax year and save it to a temporary folder. Or you can also download the zip file, un-zip it and save the archived exe file to a temporary folder.
  2. Try to run the install by double-clicking on the exe file that you downloaded and saved in step 1. Depending on your security settings, you may get an information message about the publisher etc. Just click Run and/or Allow to resume installing StudioTax:
    StudioTax - Run EXE
  3. Note that, in case the required .Net 4.5 framework in not installed, StudioTax installer will attempt to download and install it. Downloading and installing the .Net 4.5 framework require some time to complete.
  4. If you are having a problem installing or starting the 2015 version, then try install the .Net 4.5 framework:
  5. Once StudioTax is installed, you can create your income tax return and print it. Take a look at our YouTube tutorials to learn how you can create and file new returns. Also, you can refer to the help menu for an overview and tutorial on how to go about creating and filing your first return:
    StudioTax - Help
  6. Make sure to check for updates on a regular basis and before you file your return in order to download any new software updates.

System Requirements

Since this software is built on the .Net framework(.Net 4.5 for StudioTax 2013 and later versions, .Net 2.0 for the earlier versions), the system requirements of the .Net framework apply to StudioTax.

Visit the page for the full details.